Engineering Services

The modern business is dependent on the quality of its Infrastructure and Systems to be able to overcome the various challenges which require changes to business strategy and operations.

Implementation Services

Whether systems have been designed by our clients or any other experts, we have the expertise to implement solutions from simple to complex, in a range of environments like:

  • Data Center Setup
  • Call Center Setup
  • New office space setup
  • DR/BCP Sites
  • Small and Medium Offices Wireless Network Setup
Operational Support Services

Every system needs long term day-to-day attention to keep it running effectively. From on-site to remote engineering support, we possess the right people, with the right skills to meet support and maintenance needs covering ad-hoc, to full time engagements. Our continuous support options include:

User Support
  • Incident tracking, problem management,
  • Desktop Support.
Infrastructure Support
  • Server and Network health check,
  • Remote Maintenance and Monitoring.
Extended Hours
  • Up to 24 x 7 on-call support for critical and high availability systems.