RF planning & optimisation Services

Our RF planning & optimisation services deliver value by designing the most economical networks with the highest Quality of Service to support current and future service, technology and capacity requirements.

To satisfy the discerning requirements of global customers, we use our world class engineering expertise, next generation tools and disciplined processes to provide the total end-to-end solutions.

RF/LOS Survey

  • AirNet conducts RF surveys to finalise the feasible sites based on Nominal Cell Plan data. This activity commences as the completion phase of pre-planning nears. An LOS (Line of Sight) survey is conducted on the final survey site to verify the microwave conncetivitiy to the the planned site.

Network Optimisation

Verification Drive Testing
  • With a site on air, it is necessary to check the performance of the new site. This is done through verification drive tests. The sites are checked for validating integration paramenters and ascertaining call performance: originating calls, terminating calls, handover, power control RX Quality and RX Levels etc.

Paramentric Optimisation

  • Once a radio network is operational, its performance is monitored. The performance is compared against chosen key performance indicators (KPIs). After fine-tuning radio paramenters, the results are applied to the network to achieve the desired performance. The main focus of radio netowrk optimisation is on areas such as power control, quality, subscriber traffic and resource availability (and access) measurements.

Periodic Monitoring & Optimisatoin of the live network throughout the Network life-cycle.

  • Regular monitoring of the network health (new rollout, consolidation and expansion) by performing drive tests and KPI maintenance.

Network Audit, Benchmarking & IBS Planning & Design

Network Site Audit
  • Site Audit is a service that AirNet offers to identify discrepancies between the design and the implemented work with an objective to do GAP analysis and implement corrective steps to maintain KPIs.

Network Benchmarking Services

  • AirNet offers a comprehensive comparative analysis that provides details on in-marked analysis and network review for Telecom Operators .The service evaluates performance against competiction and measures network performance using a Drive Test to examine coverage and call quality. Tests are conducted for availability, call quality, call setup, success rates, handover success rates and packet data success rates.

In building Solutions

  • An indoor system can be deployed for different reasons. If the coverage is poor from cells outside the building, leading to bad quality and pilot pollution, one solution can be to build and indoor system. AirNet offers indoor cell planning services to plan for good coverage and capacity whilst minimising interference.

Onsite + Offshore model for Planning & Optimisation Services

  • AirNet offers a unique concept of a combination of an onsite field force using TEMS and NEMO tools to collect data and offsite model to do analysis of data with experienced team to perform RF optimisation for wireless networks. It provides benefits like low fixed costs irrespective of location of project, fast delivery cycle and quick deployment of project, cost effective and flexible service packages to its Customers.